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Last Tales of Monkey Island

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Monkey Island Saga

The Secret of Monkey Island A young boy arrives on Melee Island with a weird name and a great dream: he is Guybrush Threepwood and wants to become a pirate. During his dangerous path, full of insults, voodoo and monkeys, he will meet his future wife, Governor Elaine Marley, and will have to rescue her from the powerful Ghost Pirate LeChuck, reaching even the dark deep of the hell. So Guybrush Threepwood will understand that you don't become a pirate when you drink cheap grog or clear strange trials, but only when you find the courage to face up to your demons and fight them, whatever the cost.

Guybrush Threepwood, now brave and mighty pirate, set sails for the legendary treasure of Big Whoop. But, due to a tragic mistake, he gives to his worst enemy's right-hand man, Largo LaGrande, an ingredient for the voodoo recipe that will bring LeChuck back alive again. So LeChuck will return for planning his revenge against Guybrush in a rotten, unpleasant body, and our hero, helped by a strange Voodoo priestess, will continue his quest for Big Whoop, hoping to find a portal that will lead him to another dimension. But he will discover that the Big Whoop portal leads directly between LeChuck's evil clutches. Monkey Island 2 - LeChuck's Revenge

The Curse of Monkey Island
Guybrush escapes after a few months from Big Whoop, a terrifying torture place disguised by an amusement park. Then he accidentally gives to his lover, Elaine, a cursed wedding ring that transforms her into a golden statue. Thanks to the Voodoo Lady's advices, he will set sail for Blood Island. In fact somewhere on that island there is an ancient ring, a symbol of pure and eternal love that will be able to bring Elaine back to normal. Meanwhile, LeChuck becomes a powerful flame demon, and reveals the true essence of Big Whoop: it's a portal, situated under Monkey Island, that makes him able to endlessly come back from the dead, and to transform the people who die in his park into his undead slaves. So Elaine will return to normal, but Guybrush will have to fight once again LeChuck under the caves of Big Whoop. At the end he will manage to bury his enemy under a mountain of ice and will be able to marry his love.

Ozzie Mandrill, an Australian capitalist with the obsession for transforming the Caribbean into a productive pirate-free place, sets LeChuck free from the ice mountain in which he was trapped. Then the two villains try to find the Supreme Insult, an amulet able to make every human docile, submissive and obedient. Guybrush will try to stop them, and when he will be trapped again on Monkey Island, he will discover that Herman Toothrot, the hermit who lives there since many years, is in point of fact Horatio Torquemada Marley, his wife's grandpa. At the end Guybrush will find an ancient and powerful Monkey Robot and will use it to defeat his enemies. Escape from Monkey Island

Tales of Monkey Island Seven years after the Supreme Insult quest, the evil voodoo power accumulated by LeChuck is accidentally spreaded by Guybrush all around the Caribbean, and starts transforming all the pirates into zombie-demons. The only way to bring things back to normal is finding La Esponja Grande, an ancient amulet capable to absorb unlimited voodoo energy. So Guybrush Threepwood will set sail for finding the legendary sponge with his right-armed man Reginald Van Winslow. He will meet the Marquis De Singe, an insane doctor that wants to tear him apart, will fight Morgan LeFlay, mighty pirate hunter and most of all, he will discover, thanks to the revelations of an human LeChuck, that the Voodoo Lady who helped him during all the past years, secretly manipulated the events of his life for an unknown purpose. De Singe will be defeated, and the Voodoo Lady will be arrested, but when the troubles seem to be finished, LeChucks kills Guybrush and absorbs unlimited voodoo energy from the spiritual realm, becoming the Pirate God.
So Guybrush will come back from the land of the dead, will kill the pirate God with the help of Morgan ed Elaine and then he will completely regenerate his body thanks to the unlimited power of love of his wedding ring.
At the end, the Voodoo Lady breaks out from the prison and lets the Morgan LeFlay's Ghost coming back from the realm of the dead in exchange for a bottle fillled with the melted essence of the Pirate God LeChuck.

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Last Tales of Monkey Island